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Advances in Motion provides health care professionals with information about the latest breakthroughs, research and clinical advances from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Featured In Neuroscience

In this Q&A, Dr. Rost discusses her work on developing neuroimaging markers of cerebrovascular disease, stroke genetics and big data science for outcome prediction in patients with acute stroke.

Featured In Orthopaedics

Women, patients with high joint space width and those with poor scores on the Short-Form 36 Mental Component Summary are at increased risk of failing to achieve meaningful improvements in pain and/or function after total hip arthroplasty.

Featured In Urology

The results of a recent survey, presented at the American Urological Association 2019 Annual Meeting, showed that the general public has mixed perceptions of what a "vaginal rejuvenation" procedure really is.

Featured In Digestive Health

Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital review the evidence on laparoscopic versus open gastrectomy for early and advanced gastric cancer, as well as the current status of robotic gastrectomy.

Featured In Orthopaedics

In patients with hepatitis C infection who are treated prior to total knee arthroplasty, achieving a sustained virologic response significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications, including prosthetic joint infection and the need for revision.

The Latest Neuroscience Health Advances

Functional MRI may someday be able to distinguish the neurodegenerative changes related to early Alzheimer's disease from those of normal aging.

In young adults, the most significant predictors of overdose after treatment for substance use disorder are a history of intravenous drug use and mood dysregulation—and the first year after the initial evaluation is the riskiest period. However, engagment in treatment has been found to reduce this risk.

Contributing Physicians

Program Director, Gastroenterology Training Program, Physician, Mass General Cancer Center

Andrew Chan, MD, MPH

Director, Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Kurt Isselbacher Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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MicroRNA miR-574-3p, which can be derived from whole blood, was associated with stroke in a community-based sample of more than 2,000 participants in the Framingham Heart Study's Offspring cohort.

Digestive Health

Patients who had colorectal cancer diagnosed through screening or surveillance had a significantly better prognosis than patients who underwent colonoscopy because of symptoms.


Mass General researchers are the first to demonstrate that high fetal fraction with cell-free DNA on first trimester aneuploidy screening predicts infant birth weight of less than the fifth percentile.

Education & Training Opportunities

November 20, 2019 - June 17, 2020

The Massachusetts General Hospital Corrigan Minehan Heart Center prepares future health care professionals and trains providers in innovative therapies and care. As part of these efforts, the center hosts regular Grand Rounds presentations from thought leaders and researchers on important cardiology topics. Cardiology Grand Rounds is open to all healthcare professionals.

October 18-19, 2019

This course is designed to provide the fundamentals of the management of short-term support through multidisciplinary case scenarios to narrow the professional practice gap.

Clinical Trials

In Neuroscience

If you are a mother who has experienced an episode of postpartum psychosis within the past ten years, you could help us to better understand this serious disorder.

In Cardiovascular

Elevations in a hormone may be linked to abnormal blood flow, inflammation, and plaque in the heart. This study will evaluate whether blocking the hormone will improve cardiovascular disease in HIV individuals using heart imaging studies.