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Posts by Ilona T. Goldfarb, MD, MPH


As a medical student at the University of California at Davis, I was open to all the fields of medicine however, after my first night on call with the labor and delivery team - I was sold. Choosing to become an obstetrician was a clear path for me. Since starting my practice at Mass General in 2006, I have been honored to take care of many women through multiple pregnancies and I cherish this continuity with families.

I completed my OB/GYN residency in my home town of San Francisco at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in 2006 and was thrilled to join the faculty at the Massachusetts General Hospital. At Mass General, I have found world class colleagues and facilities as well as a diverse and unique patient population. I take pride in my ability to listen and as a result am constantly learning from my patients through their personal stories and life experiences.

After completing my fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, I have transitioned to caring for women with high risk pregnancies. My clinical areas of interest include vaginal birth after cesarean, abnormal placentation, multiple gestations, and preterm birth prevention. My research and public health work is in the area of perinatal infectious disease prevention and treatment. I am currently focusing on the impacts of the Zika virus on our pregnant population.