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COVID-19 Urgent Resource Video Education Library Provides Resources to Clinicians and Educators Across the Globe

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  • Massachusetts General Hospital launched COVID-19 Urgent Resource Video Education (CURVE) library to provide digital assets to clinicians around the world
  • CURVE provides Grand Rounds videos, departmental lectures, protocols and other digital materials
  • The platform will also offer a strategy and roadmap for future digital educational initiatives

One of the strategic planning goals of the Executive Committee on Teaching and Education (ECOTE) at Massachusetts General Hospital is to support broad awareness and access to key education and training materials that enhance patient care—both internally and externally. This goal has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Mass General clinicians and researchers are producing grand rounds videos, departmental lectures, protocols and other digital materials that are of great use to clinicians around the world.

To collect and curate these digital assets, James A. Gordon, MD, MPA, chief learning officer and director of the Mass General Learning Laboratory, and Jarone Lee, MD, MPH, critical care and emergency medicine specialist in the Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery & Surgical Critical Care and medical director of the Blake 12 ICU, worked with colleagues to create the COVID-19 Urgent Resource Video Education (CURVE) library.

"We realized the biggest need is for hospitals with fewer resources, such as community, rural and critical-access hospitals," says Dr. Lee. "With CURVE, we want to leverage our collective experience and resources to make educational videos public. The group came together quickly with this shared vision and mission, building videos and content despite heavy clinical loads due to COVID-19 response planning."

The Value of Educational Resources

CURVE is meant to be a "living" digital video education platform, with frequent updates as new materials become available. The platform exists to support all clinicians with easy-to-access videos on clinical care and operations.

"Each health care provider and settings has different needs," says Dr. Lee. "Some will like full-length academic grand rounds, while others will want short, digestible, high-yield educational videos."

But as Mass General is a large institution, even internally, it can be challenging to coordinate and consolidate access to such a diversity of education materials, especially with growing clinical care needs.

"Mass General is fortunate to have a wealth of expertise to share," says Dr. Gordon. "By providing consolidated digital access to key educational resources—in this case highlighting instructive videos ranging from academic material like Grand Rounds to simple video demonstrations on the proper use of personal protective equipment—we can efficiently provide critical training infrastructure to support care here, and far beyond our own walls."

Creating the platform required collaboration across multiple departments and units to share critical education materials, with guidance and assistance from technical and production teams—all committed to sharing training and education material to support the best possible COVID care in any setting. The team created an editorial board and process to curate the information, made up of clinicians from the Mass General Departments of SurgeryMedicineAnesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine and Emergency Medicine. The team is also working with the journalist, Bob Arnot, MD, to create new videos to help further disseminate the educational materials.

The Future of CURVE

Dr. Gordon, Dr. Lee and colleagues hope the CURVE strategy will be applicable to digital educational initiatives in the future, and especially beyond the current COVID-19 crisis.

"This consolidated digital platform will help us better understand the critical link between "on-demand" education and the consistent delivery of high quality care at all levels," says Dr. Gordon.

The CURVE platform will continue to grow and evolve into a comprehensive resource to support health care providers across systems.

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Patients are opting not to seek medical care due to fears of COVID-19. Massachusetts General Hospital has prepared for this pandemic and taken every precaution to accept stroke patients in the emergency department. Researchers are identifying the links between infection and stroke risk.


On May 21, 2020, the eleventh lecture in the Medical Grand Rounds’ COVID-19 series featured a panel of experts who are investigating kidney disease and COVID-19.