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Forming a Collaboration Between Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientists

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  • Neurosurgeons and Massachusetts General Hospital are collaborating with the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Through their collaboration, researchers will create and information warehouse to advance data science surrounding the fields of neurosurgery and neuroscience
  • Creating an information warehouse is complex and takes dedicated data engineers. Proximity between Mass General and MIT is a key component to the success of this collaboration

Mark Richardson, MD, PhD, director of the Functional Neurosurgery Program in the Department of Neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, talks about his collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Researchers from both institutions will create an information warehouse to advance data science surrounding neurosurgery and neuroscience.


We're very excited about a collaboration that we have with MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences to team some of the best neuroscientist in the world with the most cutting-edge neurosurgical techniques and advanced ways of thinking about how to optimize these opportunities. We believe that for the first time we've created an information warehouse for true collaboration between scientists at MIT with our surgeons who are scientists and their grad students and postdocs affiliated with Harvard Medical School. This is a powerful infrastructure that's going to focus around data sharing and really advanced data science because the data we work with is quite complex and takes data engineers who are dedicated just to organizing and managing the data for optimal sharing—and the physical proximity is also very important for this. So we will have scientists who never studied the brain their whole life, never been in the operating room, have never seen the human brain and students will have the opportunity to do this along with several senior investigators. So we think we're going to literally open up people's brains to the neuroscience world here at Mass General and MIT.

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