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Mass General at the American College of Cardiology's Scientific Session

The ACC's Annual Scientific Session and Expo is a global exchange for cardiovascular scientists and clinicians to discuss and debate the latest science and information. Specialists from Massachusetts General Hospital will present leading research and innovative treatment approaches in cardiovascular care.

The American College of Cardiology will host their 2019 Scientific Session and Expo (ACC.19) in New Orleans, LA from March 16-18. Physicians and researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital Corrigan Minehan Heart Center will present their world-leading research and innovative approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiac disease, and late-breaking science.

Featured Topics Include:

About the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center

The Mass General Corrigan Minehan Heart Center comprises a dedicated team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiac nurses and cardiac radiologists, who provide leading cardiac care. Our clinicians are some of the world’s foremost experts in diagnosing, treating and preventing heart disease.

Mass General Presenters


Krishna Aragam, MD, MS

Ami Bhatt, MD

Douglas Drachman, MD

Patrick Ellinor, MD, PhD

Sammy Elmariah, MD

Hanna Gaggin, MD, MPH

Jennifer Ho, MD

Udo Hoffmann, MD

Michael Honigberg, MD

Judy Hung, MD

James Januzzi, MD

Farouc Jaffer, MD, PhD

Greg Lewis, MD

Tom Neilan, MD, MPH

Michael Osborne, MD

Danita Sanborn, MD

Robert Schainfeld, DO

Ahmed Tawakol, MD

Meagan Wasfy, MD

Malissa Wood, MD


  • Rasha Fahad Al-Bawardy, MD
  • Raza Alvi, MD
  • Magid Awadalla, MD
  • Akl Fahed, MD
  • Shaan Khurshid, MD
  • Shelia Klassen, MD
  • Dhaval Kolte, MD, PhD
  • Emily Lau, MD
  • Nilay Patel, MD
  • Varsha Tanguturi, MD