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Multidisciplinary Care at the Mass General Weight Center

In This Video

  • Angela Fitch, MD, and Matt Hutter, MD, MBA, MPH, are the associate director and director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center
  • In this video, they discuss the multidisciplinary, individualized care they provide their patients in treating the disease of obesity

In this video, Angela Fitch, MD, associate director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, and Matt Hutter, MD, MBA, MPH, director of the Weight Center, discuss the multidisciplinary care available at the center and explore its role in treating the disease of obesity.


Hutter: The Mass General Weight Center is truly a special place. We provide multidisciplinary care. Now, most programs will talk about multidisciplinary care, but no other program in the country really has seven obesity medical specialists who are specifically trained in treating obesity, five surgeons who are fellowship-trained and specialize in obesity surgery, four clinical dietitians and four clinical psychologists. The whole staff is really set forward in this multidisciplinary approach.

Fitch: The focus of our research and our care is to treat the disease of obesity. I'm very excited about working together as a team and really optimizing our team-based care to develop the best outcome for each person. We know that everybody is an individual at the Weight Center, and [try to] figure out what works best for each patient. [Determining] whether that's genetic or whether that's a phenotypical expression of the disease is really going to be the next level of treatment for obesity.

Hutter: There's a lot of stigma that these patients feel and experience throughout their lives, and we try to get rid of that.

We're proud that they're addressing this issue, this issue which is a disease. It's one of the most prevalent diseases in the United States, and right now people thought it was just a lifestyle choice, but, you know, when we're talking about diabetes and hypertension and sleep apnea and all the 195 issues, the increased risk of cancer, this is truly a disease, and we have good treatments for that, so we're excited to welcome people into this to have an area where it's free of judgment, where we just want to improve the quality of care and treat their disease.

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