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Posts by Michael J. Young, MD, MPhil


Michael Young, MD, MPhil is a neurologist and brain injury specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is the Associate Director of the NeuroRecovery Clinic at Mass General. After earning his MD from Harvard Medical School and MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, Dr. Young completed Neurology residency and a Neurorecovery fellowship at Mass General Brigham and Spaulding Rehabilitation, specializing in longitudinal care of patients recovering from severe brain injuries and disorders of consciousness. His research is focused on improving care systems through neurotechnology, neuroethics and neuroscience, and as a member of the Lab for NeuroImaging of Coma and Consciousness, is devoted to clinical translation of neurotechnologies to detect, predict and improve recovery of consciousness and function in patients following brain injury.

Neuroscience Care at Mass General

Through a combination of unmatched expertise, creativity and compassion, Mass General Neuroscience relentlessly advances the fields of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Psychiatry to unleash our patients’ potential.