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Posts by Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD

  • Loss of consciousness associated with traumatic brain injury influences the risk of worse cognitive and somatic symptoms in the first few weeks after injury, but a history of a neurobehavioral condition has a larger role in determining whether symptoms will persist at three months.

  • The 2019 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting is a global exchange for neurosurgical scientists and clinicians. Specialists from Mass General Neurosurgery will present and debate leading research and innovative treatment approaches in neurosurgical care.


Dr. Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD is the Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Department at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a pediatric neurosurgeon who performed all types of pediatric neurosurgery with a particular emphasis on epilepsy surgery and trauma. As well as being a professor of neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School, she runs a brain trauma laboratory at MGH focused on understanding the immature brain and its response to injury and other conditions early in life, with the goal of helping infants and children. Tina is directly responsible for all clinical aspects of NEPDC, and together with Dr. Greenwald, coordinates all activities within NEPDC, including the MGH site, and helps facilitate involvement and continued productivity of collaborators in various other institutions and consortia. Specifically, she acts as a linkage and communication among pediatric-based clinicians at all sites, oversees regular web-based and phone conferences, and streamlines processes for submission of ideas via CIMIT that provides practical access for clinicians with limited time flexibility. As a practicing pediatric neurosurgeon, researcher (including bioengineering collaborations, large animal translational research, and pediatric clinical trials), and technology innovator, she serves as the main clinician link to the other members of the team.

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