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Posts by Abigail W. Batchelder, PhD, MPH


Dr. Batchelder is a clinical health psychologist with a background in public health. Her research focuses on understanding and addressing psychological barriers to HIV treatment and prevention, including stigma and shame, among underserved people living with substance use and other stigmatized identities (e.g., being a sexual minority). Her work is currently focused on developing and refining technology-enhanced interventions for people living with intersecting stigmatized identities including being a person living with HIV, a substance use disorder, and being a sexual minority. Dr. Batchelder’s clinical interests include improving health-related self-care, affective disorders, trauma and substance use. At MGH, Dr. Batchelder is a member of the intern selection committee and provides clinical and research supervision to Behavioral Medicine pre- and postdoctoral fellows.

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