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Posts by Michelle M. Kim, MD, PhD


Michelle Kim, MD PhD, is a urologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  She received her MD and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where her PhD focused on healthcare management and economics.  Dr. Kim completed her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital where she stayed on as staff. Her clinical interests  focus on male and female voiding dysfunction and other benign diseases of the urinary tract. She delivers state of the art technology for treating enlarged prostates (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).  She is also one of the few urologists performing transperineal biopsies which have been shown to be a safer and effective approach to prostate biopsies.  Outside of her clinical practice, Dr. Kim is interested in quality improvement and has studied quality improvement through public reporting of quality metrics and its effects on patient outcomes.  


Urology Care at Mass General

The Department of Urology at Massachusetts General Hospital offers sophisticated, compassionate care and the most innovative treatments for patients with any type of urological condition.