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Kenneth Lim, MD, PhD, MPhil, FASN, is a physician-scientist in the Division of Nephrology at Massachusetts General Hospital and faculty member at Harvard Medical School. He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (Christ’s College) and University of Warwick in England. He is a clinical and translational investigator with special interest in innovation, commercialization and translational strategies for taking biological discoveries into successful enterprises and early phase exploratory trials. He leads a portfolio of clinical and translational research studies that focuses on accelerated age-related cardiovascular disease, a condition that has earned its place as a leading non-communicable health crisis in both developed and developing nations. In his clinical role, Dr. Lim is an internist and nephrologist who has deployed to regions around the world to provide leading medical care and strategic principles to help meet critical needs of victims of humanitarian crises, such as war, poverty and natural disasters.