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Posts by Brian J. Wainger, MD, PhD

  • Brian Wainger, MD, PhD, of the Sean M. Healey and AMG Center for ALS at Mass General presented the findings of the completed phase 2 clinical trial of ezogabine at the Motor Neuron Disease Association annual meeting. Researchers found that ezogabine can decrease the excitability of motor neurons in ALS patients.


Dr. Wainger is Assistant Professor in Anesthesiology and Neurology at Harvard Medical School and an attending physician at Massachusetts General Hospital. He studied molecular biology as an undergraduate at Princeton University and ion channel physiology in the MD/PhD program at Columbia University. He then completed medical residency in the Partners Neurology Program followed by a clinical fellowship in Pain Medicine at MGH, research fellowship with Clifford Woolf at Boston Children's Hospital and clinical investigator training through the Harvard Master's Program in Clinical and Translational Investigation. His clinical expertise spans the intersection of neurology and pain medicine.

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