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Posts by Shannon Stott, PhD


Shannon Stott, PhD, is a Mechanical Engineer who has been working at the interface of technology, imaging and medicine. Dr. Stott has a broad background in microfluidics, optics, tissue engineering and cryopreservation, with a focus on their applications in clinical medicine and cell biology.

As a postdoctoral fellow in Mehmet Toner’s laboratory, she co-invented the herringbone circulating tumor cell chip (HBCTC-Chip) a device that can successfully capture cancer cells circulating in the blood stream of localized and metastatic cancer patients.

This technology has been used to explore the biology of these extremely rare cells, identifying novel pathways for metastasis and bringing us a small step closer to understanding how cancer spreads and kills.

Additionally, Dr. Stott is an expert in high speed video microscopy, and she has authored over 30 publications.

In 2014, she received the American Cancer Society’s Women Leading the Way to Wellness Award.

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